Beautiful lamp

Adam on Dec 16, 2016

I'm really pleased with this lamp from 122 Design. It has giving my living room a unique light. I ordered in Copper which was originally used in the Langelinie Pavillonen and is my favourite version. Good quality

It fit my living room perfect!

Line Smith on Nov 30, 2016

What a stunning chair in our living, it fit perfectly. Quality is above standard. will come back!

Helpful livechat

David Smith on Nov 30, 2016

Pleased with the help I received on the liveChat by Peter

Identical with Original

Jack on Jul 25, 2016

I have bought both the blue cashmere egg chair and the swan chair (same color) for our daughters new flat. The design is awesome, you have to arrange delivery yourself as they aren't allow to ship outside Ireland. Sounds as a pain but its super easy and cost 60€ for delivery to Frederiksberg with DSV, took two days.

Great Service, they keep their promise

Julie on Jul 25, 2016

The quality is amazing, it was ready after 6 weeks (not 6 months!). Really happy with the chair.

Helpfull staff!

Elisabeth on Jul 25, 2016

I was unsecure about choosing Italian leather or go for the Danish cashmere, but got help on their live chat, they really know about their details. 122 Design is truly a heaven if you love cheap high quality stylish furnitures for your home.

Really Good Quality

Richard on Jul 25, 2016

I ordered my Egg Chair with Black Italian leather last month and have now received it. I'm really please with the seams and the attention to the details. The service was good, there was a nice catalog with the package and how best practice after care. Worth to sign up for their newsletters, they send out good inspiration emails.

Great service!

Johan on Dec 16, 2016

Had to change the colour after, and that was super easy. I spoke to David on the LiveChat and they quickly changed it. Really good aftercare, appreciate it was easy to get in touch with them and they solved my issue quickly, even on a Sunday. Now I have 4 lovely white chairs in my living room, they look beautiful and just in time for Christmas!

Really good quality, friendly livechat!

Louise on Dec 16, 2016

Always wanted the y chair for our new kitchen. Great quality (this was actually why I bought from 122 Design) and good support after my order. Smart with the livechat, I used that before I finally made up my mind. I think a lot of online furniture store could learn something from 122 Design!

Virkelig flot!

Elsie on Jul 09, 2016

People who pay the original price, must feel stupid. There is no difference, and the quality is really amazing at 122 Design


Elizabeth on Jul 09, 2016

Really good quality

High quality

Eleanor on Jun 09, 2016

But pleasantly purprised with the quality and it looks really nice in our house. I had to arrange my own delivery, it might sounds complicated and expensive but its not. When the product is about to be ready, they contact you. It took me 5 min and cost 39 euro for a lounge chair.


Edith on Jun 09, 2016

Just a little tips, speak to one of their advisors on livechat before you buy. I revieved 10% off!

Great support!

Dorothy on May 09, 2016

I just want to make everyone aware, that the detailed quality of this lamp is just amazing. There is no difference in this one or what you can buy in e.g. Louis Poulsen, except you are saving a LOT of money. Ohh well, 122 Design is also open in the weekends. 6 weeks from ordered to ready!

Same as original, just cheaper

Doris on May 09, 2016

Really easy process. received what i order really quickly.

Just a little tips

Donna on Apr 10, 2016

Speak to one of their advisors on livechat before you buy. I revieved 10% off!


Diane on Mar 10, 2016

As expected. Very good quality, delivery took 6 weeks.

Just a little tips

Debra on Feb 10, 2016

My favorite chair. Bought two with my husband for their hunting house. We went for Walnut (a bit more expensive) but really nice quality.

Flot kvalitet

Deborah on Feb 09, 2016

Excellent Service and most importantly: perfect furniture. A bit of wait though.

Just a little tips

Dawn on Jan 09, 2016

I have ordered different designs inspired by the designer Eames and I gotta say there are all individually great, there is a nice finish to each of the designs and it is really easy to assemble. I thought first that all of them would be delivered assembled but the DSW and DAW comes in two part the feet and seat separate, but to be honest there is nothing as simple as those to build. Regarding the service, not a lot of follow up on order maybe this is something 122 Design could improve but apart from that I am just happy!

Reproduction Guide

Reproduction Guide

What Exactly does Reproduction Mean?

Reproduced furniture or lamps (replicas) are those that are identical to the originals, except the fact that they are made by a different manufacturer than the one who initially had the patent of the design. It is the same principle as the one you might be familiar with from the pharmaceutical industry, where the original invention of a product legally belongs to the patent-holding company. A patent is, however, always only given a number of years after which the product can be copied. This same principle applies regardless of many different domains including medicine, mechanical inventions, electronics and – designer furniture.

A Different Workshop - Same Design

The reproduced furniture and lighting are made by a different manufacturer than the original, but the drawings and objectives of the original designer are followed down to the very last detail. Thus, for the end result, it is not essential in which workshop certain piece is produced, but rather the details, objectives and materials which create the perfectly balanced expression and seating comfort. For example, our Egg Chair is made precisely in line with Arne Jacobsen’s original drawings and you can choose between different variants of high-quality upholstery.

The same applies to the Wishbone Chair, to mention another example. Our version is carefully built by specialized cabinetmakers, following Wegner’s original design, goals and techniques down to the smallest detail. Our choice of available materials also corresponds to the original ones. Thus, by buying a replica, you can get a chair or a lamp that is identical to the original, but at a lower price, since you do not have to pay for the name of the original patent holder.

Reproduction – The Legal Side

122 Design is an Irish company that is subject to the Irish Patents Act. According to the Irish patent laws, specifically, Section 78B of Copyright and Related Rights Act 2000, it is legal to reproduce and sell furniture 25 years after the original launch. This is exactly what we do. 122 Design is subject to the Irish legislation and is fully in accordance with the applicable laws. So, you can legally buy furniture from us. If you want more information, we refer you to the Irish Statute Book, more specifically, Section 78B of 'Copyright and Related Rights Act 2000'. 'Transitional provisions for the Repeal of Section 52' of 'Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.

Ordering our Products outside Ireland

If you live in an EU or EEA country (European Economic Area), i.e. EU countries plus Iceland, Liechtenstein or Norway, it is still legal to buy and import any of our products from Ireland. This applies regardless of whether the copyright law of the country you live in differs from the Irish law. This is because you do not violate any laws in your own country regarding individual patent rules when buying from another EU/EEA (European Economic Area) country and comply with the relevant legislation of that country. Or in other words: There is free movement within the EU and you are legally equal to other EU citizens, including of course the Irish. This is why other EU nationals are free to come to the UK and work. And it is for example also the reason why you do not have to pay VAT, e.g. if you buy clothes or cosmetics from another EU country - as is otherwise the case from the United States, which is not an EU country. The Copyright Act in Ireland is 25 years, and all our furniture were originally designed more than 25 years ago. However, if you notice dealers in countries like Denmark or Norway, selling reproduced furniture, it is a different situation. Because they will, with a registration address there, of course, be subject to the Scandinavian copyright law that applies for a longer period.

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